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‘Shield’ Actor Michael Jace Found Guilty of Murdering Wife in Front of Their Kids

53-year old actor Michael Jace was convicted by a Los Angeles jury of murder Tuesday May 31st for the May 2014 shooting death of his wife April Jace. Michael shot his wife three times in their home in front of their 2 young children. April was reportedly shot at such close range, death investigators found gunpowder where the bullets hit her legs. Jace told cops he only meant to shoot her in the leg because he was angry with her.  Defense lawyer Jamon Hicks admitted that his client shot his wife once in the back and then twice in the legs but said Friday that his client simply “snapped” in the heat of passion; for that reason, they wanted the jury to convict him of voluntary manslaughter.

“I don’t know how you can shoot somebody three times and call it an accident,” Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Tannaz Mokayef told jurors in closing arguments Friday.  He also told the jury that their 10-year old son Nehemiah’s testimony proved it was “premeditated.”  “Then my dad said, ‘If you like running, run to heaven,’ and then he shot her,” the boy told the jury. Continue reading


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