Cops Seeking Second Shooter in Troy Ave Case

Article Image: Cops Seeking Second Shooter in Troy Ave Case

Police are now seeking an additional suspect believed to be involved in last week’s shooting that took the life of 33-year-old Ronald McPhatter at T.I.’s concert in New York City. Roland Collins also known as Troy Ave was arraigned on Monday for charges of attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment in the melee that also resulted in the wounding of two others.

According to sources close to the investigation, Collins was approached by an individual he is known to have been involved in an ongoing dispute with. A fight is reported to have broken out from the confrontation, and in the midst of the scuffle shots fired by the man are said to have struck Collins in the leg and McPhatter in the stomach. The men then started to wrestle over the weapon, allegedly leading to Collins taking its possession. Investigators continue to gather accounts to verify the information they have so far received, and to establish what exactly happened in the moments between. Victim Christopher Vison, 33, was reportedly not within distance of the green room shooting when he was hit by a stray bullet, and Maggie Heckstal 26, who was shot from close range, claims to have not seen who pulled the trigger.

Collins has pled not-guilty and said through his lawyers that he was not responsible for the shot that hit him in the leg, nor the shot that killed McPhatter.  Rappers T.I., Maino, and Uncle Murda, have all been cleared of any involvement in the incident. Heckstall’s legal team announced plans to file suit against all responsible parties, starting with Irving Plaza owner, Live Nation.


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