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Keyshia Cole Denies X-Rated Leaked Pic; Look-a-like Comes Forward (Photos)


Last couple of days a photo of Keyshia Cole performing a fellatio on an unidentified male surfaced. Nobody was sure whether it was Keyshia or not, but the girl in the picture definitely looked like her.[for apparent reasons, we are not going to post the picture on our website as it is very graphic]
Well, after many speculations, the girl by the name Mari Lynn came out as being the person in the picture. She admitted on her Twitter, that it was in fact her performing a fellatio on her ex boyfriend, saying: Continue reading


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Wendy Williams Poses Nude for PETA


Talk show host Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to bare all for PETA, posing completely nude in new ads for the animal rights organization’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ad campaign. Continue reading

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Tyler Perry Sued Over Good Deeds

Tyler Perry, Good Deeds
 Author Terri Donald is suing Perry for ripping off the plot for his 2012 romantic drama from her 2007 book Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit.

 Donald is seeking $225,000 in initial damages and also an injunction that would require Perry’s production company, Tyler Perry Studios, to add a credit for her book in the opening and closing credits. Her lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia, also requests that the company provide a full accounting of the movie’s profits. Donald, who also writes under the pseudonym TLO Red’ness, claims she sent a copy of her book to Perry’s production company before filming on the movie began.

Good Deeds starred Perry as a wealthy businessman who meets and falls in love with a struggling single mother portrayed by Thandie Newton. The film, released in February 2012, grossed $35 million at the box office.

No word yet from Perry or film distributor Lionsgate Entertainment, who is also named in the lawsuit.

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Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend, Nick Gordon, Arrested



Nick Gordon, boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina, was arrested for speeding, according to TMZ. Authorities say Gordon was taken into custody in Alpharetta, Georgia, for going 82 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone last night. He was recklessly driving in a retail area known for high pedestrian activity.

A law enforcement source told TMZ, “We are fortunate because that’s such a busy corridor with high-end retail shopping, restaurants and pedestrians at crosswalks.”

Apparently Gordon’s arrest occurred just hours after Bobbi Kristina’s car accident. The daughter of Whitney Houston totaled her Camaro after losing control of the vehicle and plummeting down an embankment. The car hit several trees along the way, but Bobbi Kristina emerged from the accident fine. Police issued her a citation for failure to drive in her lane.

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Joe Jackson Suffers “Baby Stroke”


Joe Jackson has suffered a minor stroke, RadarOnline reports. Members of the Jackson family have confirmed the news that the 83-year-old patriarch is being treated in an LA-area hospital for a “baby stroke,” his third in the past few years.

“Joe is recovering well and everyone is confident he will be back to full health and on his feet again in no time,” a source says, while Joe’s out-of-wedlock daughter JohVonnie Jackson says, “I spoke to him briefly and he sounded like the same ol’ daddy.”
Hopefully Jackson’s medical condition won’t spark the same drama as what ensued after his estranged wife Katherine Jackson allegedly suffered a “mini-stroke” this summer, prompting her daughter Janet Jackson and various other siblings to whisk her off to an Arizona resort and leave her granddaughter Paris Jackson claiming she was kidnapped. That incident was later attributed to a move by Jackson siblings to overturn their brother Michael Jackson‘s will

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Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Drops “Missing You This Christmas” Song, Preps VH1 Reality Show



While being in Xscape alongside her sister TamikaTameka “Tiny” Cottle, and Kandi Burruss, Latocha was always the one with THAT voice.  Now, after both Kandi & Tiny have had reality tv success to propel their families and careers, Latocha is about to get in on that world as well.

She’s officially signed on for a reality show on VH1, the same network home as her former groupmate Tiny.  The yet-to-be-titled show is based on LaTocha returning to the music industry as a brand new woman.  And how she changed her life after XSCAPE–physically, mentally & spiritually. Continue reading

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Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter Account


Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account after getting into a vulgar war of words with comedian and writer Jenny Johnson on Sunday.

The stomach-churning exchange of messages all began with Brown tweeting, “I look old as f***! I’m only 23,” and Johnson responding, “I know! Being a worthless piece of s*** can really age a person.”

The back-and-forth between Brown and Johnson, some of which can be seen on Johnson’s still-public feed, continued for at least half-an-hour. Brown bit back at Johnson’s initial reply with: “take them teeth out when u Sucking my d*** HOE.” Johnson lobbed back: “It’s “HO” not “HOE” you ignorant f***.”

From there, Brown made a lewd comment about farting, to which Johnson replied, “Your mom must be so proud of you.” She also posted a link to a 2009 MTV News story containing details of Brown’s assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna, along with the hashtag, “#SuckIt.”

After another round of scatological chatter, both Johnson and Brown seemed to give in.

“Okay. I’m done. All I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to s*** and fart on me,” Johnson wrote, later adding, “I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.”

Before shutting down his Twitter account, Brown told his fans, “To teambreezy… Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These b*****s crazy.. Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem. Catch me in traffic…”

Since the Twitter spat, Johnson has reported receiving threatening messages.

“It’s alarming how many death threats I’m receiving via replies,” she tweeted Monday. “I encourage everyone, including Twitter to look through them. Not cool.”

Brown, meanwhile, had encouraged Johnson to “Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????,” which wouldn’t appear to be the case. The pair, who announced their renewed friendship in October and have collaborated together on a song for Rihanna’s new album, “Unapologetic,” were reportedly spotted in Berlin over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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R. Kelly DEBUTS “Trapped In The Closet” Chapters 23-33


R. Kelly has released the next 10 chapters of his epic Trapped In The Closet series.  And while the very long song may have started out as a joke or gimic to some, R. Kelly seems to be branding the concept in some very big ways.

He debuted the latest installment on the IFC channel and at New York City’s Landmark Sunshine Cinemas recently, and now he’s planning to take it to Broadway! He said, the idea is “to transform it into a Broadway version, that’s what I’m working on.”

He told Rolling Stone that “I’m just having a lot of fun. I don’t have a job, so I sit in the studio all the time and think of stupid stuff to do. And this is just something stupid I’ve done that’s been successful. I’m having a lot of fun with it.”

He revealed that he has 85 chapters locked away in the studio.  So we’ve got a long way to go with this hip hopera.  That damn Kells…

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PHOTO: Viewer sent us photos of vapor trails

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Viewer Harris Raskind says he saw about 24 jet passenger airliners left vapor trails.

These pictures were taken in Glen Allen near Staples Mill Rd. and I-295 around 4:30 p.m.

If you have any pictures, you can send them to

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Police investigate shooting in eastern Henrico

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Police are investigating a shooting in eastern Henrico Sunday night. Police said happened in the area of Millers Lane.

Two shooting victims were taken to the Richmond Community Hospital, then transferred to VCU Medical Center. One victim is listed in critical condition, the other suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Linda Toney.

Toney said police were not yet ready to release information about suspects in this case.

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